Homeschool Like Nobody is Watching

Homeschool Like Nobody is Watching. Now before you think this is an anti-government post about “big brother” getting up into your homeschool life, it is not. It is about homeschooling the way you choose for your family and not getting caught up in the comparison game to what other families are doing or what their day looks like. It is about not looking at social media for your validation of your homeschool day, but looking inward and upward to God for the validation that you are on the correct path for your family’s homeschool journey!

We started homeschooling 17 years ago. I am going to pause and let that set in a moment. When we started homeschooling all those years ago it was because we were looking for something different than the traditional public school for our children, because the traditional public school wasn’t working for them. It first led us to a charter school which we loved for awhile and then some things changed and we realized we were still searching for something else and that led us to homeschooling. Little did we know 17 years ago that seeds were being planted and God had a much bigger plan for us in our lives and in homeschooling.

Our family looks a little different each year. Each and every year our homeschool journey looks different. We have 4 older children (currently 24, 25, almost 26 and 30) and some years all kids were homeschooled; some years some were in public school and some were homeschooled; and then all ended up back in public school by high school. Fast forward a couple of years and now we had 2 more children. We knew early on that homeschooling the younger ones was what we were called to do and we began again in 2010 homeschooling full time with our then 3 year old and with a newborn at home (currently 10 and 7).

Homeschooling has changed a lot in the last 17 years. Now in 2017 online forums have paved the way for social media in the form of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs and websites. The newsletters have gone by the wayside, or are electronic, the meet ups for moms that were once so important to socialization have almost disappeared and the best way to to know what homeschool opportunities are out there circles back to social media and if you are lucky enough, word of mouth. Friendships are based on “liking” others posts and comments and how well our homeschool day went based how many likes and comments we have received for our posts.

This summer I have been working on disconnecting as much as possible from social media (it is much harder than you think). I realize how much of my life, including homeschooling revolves around being connected both online and social media. I am working on finding what works best for our family, with our homeschool day  based on our likes and dislikes, as well as our strengths and weaknesses. I am working on ways to better connect with our friends and family. I am looking for ways to better slow down and enjoy this time at home with our children and spend less time connected to the computer (like I am doing right now!). I want to Homeschool Like Nobody is Watching. 


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