History of Our Homeschool Co-Op

Kalamazoo HEART Family Co-Op is a Christian homeschool co-op, providing affordable, quality, fun-filled enrichment classes to families in the greater Kalamazoo area.


The idea for a different type of homeschool co-op started in the spring of 2013 in Paw Paw, MI where the suggestion for relaxing and fun classes was formed to create lasting friendships with a little bit of learning tossed in. When the co-op first launched in the fall of 2013 we had 20 families and we had students thru 8th grade. Some of the classes offered were gym, a speech/writing class, astronomy/lego class, themed classes included one on lighthouses and one on manners, we also had a sewing class.

We quickly outgrew our location and In the fall of 2014 we moved to Kalamazoo where we were excited to have a gym area and a kitchen which we used for a science and cooking class, we also had an enrichment class, art and geography. That year we grew to 24 families, had students thru 6th grade and our year was focused  around world geography.


The 2015 school year we had 28 families with students thru 6th grade and focused on the southern United States. Our classes included art, music, cooking and gym. We are thrilled to have many dads helping out that year. With offering cooking class each time the kids had the opportunity to learn about many great southern states and some recipes to go along with them like beignets for Louisiana, ice cream for Virginia, and popcorn with an assortment of toppings for Kentucky.


2016 co-op looks to be bigger and better as we continue to grow each and every year. We once again offer classes for students thru 6th grade and the classes being offered this year include art, enrichment, cooking and gym – with a focus on the eastern United States.


We also do a lot of fun extra things like a Christmas party and pot-luck, pizza and game day, show and tell, themed days such as crazy sock day or pajama day!

Registration information is found on our Kalamazoo HEART Facebook Group Page or you can message us for more details. New registrations are accepted beginning in April each year for the following school year. 



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